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As of Jan 2017

BodymastersLeg Extension
BodymastersProne Leg Curl
BodymastersStanding Calf Raise
BodymastersSeated Calf
Bodymasters Free WeightLeg Press
Bodymasters Free WeightDeadlift Rack/Platform (diamond plate)
Hammer Strength Free WeightMilitary Press
Hammer Strength Free WeightPreacher Curl Bench
Hammer Strength Free WeightSquat Rack w/extended safety frame
Hammer Strength Free WeightHanging Leg Raise
Hammer Strength Free WeightAssorted Benches, flat, incline, seated utility, etc.
MagnumBiangular Incline Press
MagnumLower Back
MagnumLeg Extension
MagnumSeated Leg Curl
MagnumSeated Leg Press
MagnumAbdominal Crunch
MagnumTricep Pushdown
Paramount Free Weight2-Squat Rack
Paramount Free WeightSeated Front Military Press Bench
Paramount Free WeightHyper Extension Bench
Paramount Free Weight3-Tier DB Rack 15pr.
Paramount Free Weight2- 10pr. DB Rack
Paramount Free WeightAbdominal Bench
PrecorEFX 576i Elliptical
PrecorEFX 546i Elliptical
Strive Free WeightLeg Press
Strive Free WeightSquat Rack
Strive Free WeightFlat Bench
Strive Free WeightIncline Bench
Strive Free WeightPower Rack w/Plate Holders
Star TracDip Stand
Star TracT-Bar Row
TrueXCSX Elliptical (x3)